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A Great Training Resource

Easy-to-follow video demonstrations for training your dog at home – “a common-sense method that’s both effective and enjoyable!”

That sums up what Dan the dog trainer has dedicated himself to providing for conscientious dog owners. His best-selling system has helped thousands of dogs to enjoy an improved quality of life, and become better companions to the members of their human families.

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Here is Dan. He looks like a happy guy! That’s the enthusiasm he carries into his training work – helping dog owner’s get great results! Which is why we decided to partner with him to bring you his easy-to-follow videos.

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New Article!


Due to the big response to an earlier blog post, Is it OK to Shave My GSD, we just wrote an information-packed new article on the same subject, but with more detail, more useful guidance and an expanded list of the pros and cons of shaving the coat off your GSD.

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Owners of double-coated dogs understandably can feel that the hot weather must be very hard on their dogs, and they wonder whether shaving their coats off may give them relief. Also, as we all know, some dogs can shed a ton of fur during molting season, and some owners reason that by shaving down their GSDs to the skin, their’s nothing left to molt, and thus they will have solved the problem!

While it’s easy to see how owners might feel it’s a good idea to remove the coat of their German Shepherds, we caution you that for a number of reasons, doing so is, in most cases, not a good idea.

Read much more on this important topic, in the new article, WHAT HAPPENS IF I SHAVE MY DOG?





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